Born at the bottom of a 40 oz and raised in the frozen wastelands of the Midwest, The 4 Aspirin Morning (4AM) combines hard rock sensibilities with the grittiness of 80s punk and the catchy hooks of early 90s ska. The result: a wave of guitars that collides with a storm of horns to create a fresher, darker, more aggressive sound.

This strange brew fuels a wildly energetic show that will have you grooving to basslines one minute and skankin' in the pit the next, all the while pumping your fist to the chants of every chorus.

The 4AM formed in early 2009, the result of a group of musicians brought together by a classified ad. Their sound was painstakingly refined little by little in a small second story flat above a modest bike shop.

The 4AM's diverse and rotating lineup has been gaining regional and national attention, opening for ska and punk giants such as Mustard Plug, Mad Caddies, The Toasters, Deal's Gone Bad, The Invaders, Flatfoot 56, Mrs. Skannotto, Something To Do and many more. The band has also recently signed a promo and distro deal with eclectic upstart record company iEP (Independent Ear Productions)!


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